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The wheel repairing reference

This machine has been designed to repair and refurbish aluminum rims. Its field of action is limitless: it is able to treat the whole surface of the wheel until the extremities. The handling is intuitive and we will train you to use it in an optimal way. You will then be able to carry out a treatment of rims in an autonomous way and will obtain spectacular finishes.

Key points

Ergonomic and technological

The latest generation of stable and low-noise servomotors.

High performance scanner

Its Panasonic infrared laser allows a high precision, fast and automatic detection.

Self-lubricating system

This saves you maintenance time.

Software in constant evolution

The control program is regularly updated to optimize its performance.

Remote control

In case you need assistance, the machine can be remotely controlled for diagnosis.

Standards and certifications

The V300 machine is CE/ISO9001 certified.

Technical characteristics

Maximum oscillation diameter10 to 24 inches
Maximum spindle speed610 mm
Vitesse de la broche maximum0 to 2000 rpm
Cutting speed0.1-1800 mm/min
X-axis speed12000 mm/min
Z-axis speed18000 mm/min
Length of the spindle630 mm
Positioning accuracy0.01 mm
Repeatability (X / Y / Z axes)0.01 mm
Spindle motor power3 Kw
Weight1100 Kg
Dimension (Length x Width x Height)1820mm x 1270mm x 1700mm

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If you have any questions about our wheel machining solutions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We also have a showroom where you can enjoy a demonstration.