Supplier of digital CNC lathe V300

We equip and support all garages, car centers and wheel repair shops by providing them with innovative tools, with the V300 machine for machining aluminum wheels as our main reference.
Our network operates throughout France, Europe (Spain, Portugal, Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland and Monaco), Maghreb and Africa.

We equip you...

We are a supplier of innovative solutions in wheel repair in France and we provide direct delivery of the CNC Lathe Machine V300. Our agreements with the manufacturer allow us to equip you in the best conditions of price, time and guarantee.

... and we train you.

Within the purchase experience, Jantes Industrie gives a complete service where the professionals are trained by our experts of the wheel machining. You also benefit from assistance in using the machine. Our objective is to sharing our experience, and give you guarantee of quality, safety and reliability

Step-by-step guidance

Acquisition of the CNC Lathe

Delivered directly to your place

Wheel machining

Training on the tool


We have our own EPOXY varnish

Tire mounting

Techniques and methods to preserve the wheel

Application fields

Car centers


Car wash


Wheel specialists

If you have any questions about our wheel machining solutions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We also have a showroom where you can enjoy a demonstration.